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Join us on this journey to become a webpreneur. Learn how to choose the right skill and treat your webpreneurship like a startup and make life-changing money in months, not years.

What is Webpreneurship?

Simply put, Webpreneurship is entrepreneurship taken up on the web. An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. A webpreneur is an entrepreneur whose business operations are limited to the web.

Webpreneurship is also known as Digital/Internet Entrepreneurship. Any entrepreneur whose business is based on the web is a webpreneur. For example the owner of a web design agency is a webpreneur. At School of Webpreneurship you can learn how to start your own web-based business as well as skills that were created with the rise of the WWW and how to master them.

Webpreneurship Paths

There are 2 ways one can embark on their webpreneurship journey. The first way is by creating and selling a product online such as an ebook or starting a blog etc. The second way is by providing online services to people.

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